selfie 3Hello world, it’s Phoebe.

I would call myself a writer, poet, and university student. My body is pretty much equal parts hair dye, bath bombs, and tattoo ink– all of which is held together with far too much melted cheese.

I like to dream, I love to listen to music– even the tagline to this pretty site is from ‘Love & Medication’ by Apologies, I have None. 

 Overall, I pretty much live for the emotional impact of well-made art.

The satisfaction of making things is my favourite feeling in the world, so far I have picked up the talents of: knitting, needlework, drawing, painting, writing, baking, sewing, and getting dressed in the morning. But don’t get me confused– I didn’t say I was good at any of them.

I’m probably not going to be overwhelmingly amazing at blogging either, yet here I am, typing away and sharing my life goals, short stories, poems, problems and pretty much everything else. I hope you can find at least some of it entertaining.

I’ve got big plans, and a nearly-empty bank account. But here I am, and you’re not getting rid of me yet.