Congratulations! It’s a Blog!

Sometimes, things just fall into place like they were meant to be.

Sometimes, your New Years resolution lines up with your university coursework and you find yourself making a blog at 11 pm on a Wednesday and wondering– right from the start– whether anyone that you know, or don’t, will actually read what you put out there.

But then I remember that my lecturer has to read the posts that I hand into him, and that makes this whole thing worth it.

So I suppose that it makes sense to start a new year, a new blog, a new blog post, with what I intend to accomplish over the next 353 days;

  1. Write novel
  2. Do some freelance work
    1. Make money
    2. Get published
  3. Blog frequently
  4. Get summer work experience
  5. Learn French
  6. Be nice to everyone
  7. Eat healthier
  8. Don’t get sloppy drunk

And now it’s on the internet, which obviously means it’ll be here forever for everyone and anyone to read (hello, future employers, please hire me). But I’m not ashamed of my new year’s resolutions, I think they’re pretty good. Practical, even.

Are they easy to stick to?


We’ll see.

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