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I Wish I Didn’t Carrot All

Occasionally it dawns on me that perhaps I’m not actually eating enough vegetables.

This isn’t surprising– as a kid I ate what my mother put in front of me, and now that I’m living alone, the only person to put a carrot or pea on my plate is me; and I think we all know that a pile of boiled broccoli isn’t quite as tasty as the golden four cheese, stuffed crust pizza that’s calling my name behind the freezer door.

Thus, I felt the need to have a ‘veggie week’. It’s not like I’m some red-blooded carnivore, but it’s so easy for me to take out a chicken kiev or something and some curly fries from the freezer and call that a meal. Usually, prepping vegetables just includes more washing up, and most days I just can’t bring myself to wrestle with decoding the mysteries of an electric hob.

So here is my plan for the week:

Monday – Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni

Tuesday – Avocado and Chicken Tortillas

Wednesday – Creamy Pasta with Greens

Thursday – Curry

Friday – Risotto

Saturday – Macaroni and Cheese

Sunday – Pizza

Now, can you tell that I was running out of ideas by the end of the week?

When planning my meals for the week, my thought process became less concerned with “more vegetables and focused on “no meat” and once I realized that melted cheese was a perfectly viable substitute.

We’ll start with Monday. Not that I kicked the week off to a great start. I had big plans, I had a tub of ricotta sitting in my fridge. But I also have friends, and they have friends and I’m not very good at saying no. So meeting up at 2 o’clock became “let’s go to Spoons” and then “let’s go to Spoons” became “let’s start drinking” and well, I didn’t get home till 10:30, which was a bit late to start making a whole meal. So I ate out, and no offense to vegetables, but I didn’t really trust them to give me a good foundation in case my one gin and tonic became many.

I picked my way through loaded fries and chicken strips like they were old friends, postponing my inevitable introduction to baby spinach by one more day at least.

Then along came Tuesday. Without going into too much the heavy details (this is, after all, a post about food) I wasn’t feeling my best on Tuesday. And what do people do when they’re not feeling too good? Because I don’t know about you, but I eat my feelings.

Except it’s very difficult to pull up the energy to make chicken and avocado tortillas when all of your focus is going into simply existing, soooo…. Pizza it is. We all know what an oven pizza looks like. It’s not like I felt good after eating it, but I certainly didn’t feel worse and at least I wasn’t hungry.

Now Wednesday… Wednesday was going to be my day. This was when I was supposed to actually eat the vegetables that I had stockpiled in my fridge! I was actually kind of excited to try this pasta… right up until I made it. For perhaps the first time in my life, I have been betrayed by cheese.

I know, I never thought this would happen. I never even imagined that it could.

 The final stage in making my pasta involved adding the cream cheese and parmesan to the little veggies and pasta and having it become a sauce. Unfortunately, after placing it on the heat to melt the soft cheese, I discovered that parmesan smells almost identical to a bad night out.

You know what I mean.

creamy-pasta-vegThe bowl itself, once dished up, looked quite appetizing– not that my iphone quite does it justice, alas it’s my sister who inherited the photography gene. It was, at least, sort of how it looked in the picture– except not as shiny and professional.

And I promise you that I did try to eat it. I put Teen Wolf on Netflix and I shoveled one forkful into my mouth and then another. It honestly didn’t even taste bad– if you like the taste of parmesan. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I didn’t finish the bowl– or even make a dent in it.

I guess I’m just not the type of person who likes their food smelling as though it’s already been digested.

But of course, there is still four days left for me to get my act together and get some more of those green things into my body, and I was even thinking of trying to make myself enjoy salad next week, so I’m not abandoning my penultimate resolution just yet. I’ll post again with how it goes, but for now I’m going to dive into the lemon sorbet that’s been giving me the eye from across the kitchen. Lemon is good for you, right?

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