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I’m Hassle-back in the Game

I’m also, if you hadn’t noticed, incredibly not funny.

But being bad at blogging doesn’t get you anywhere in life, and being good at blogging… well, they say it can get you jobs and friends and a small legion of adoring fans so… Hello again, future employers and the people who will learn to love me! Sorry for the short hiatus that was the better half of March and April.

IMG_1516I’m back. Hassleback.

Get it?

Remember back in January when I made that stupid list of things to do with my year, and one of them said ‘eat healthier’? Well, I forgot to write that one in erasable pen, and I do hate to leave a list unfinished. So, we’re trying again: spinach and goats cheese ricotta chicken  (a recipe taken straight from my pintrest board), is what’s on my menu.

For the astute of you that read the recipe, you’ll notice that it also features melted cheese (that was a pleasant surprise.)

For starters, I’ll take the soup, and also tell you guys– this recipe is SO easy. 

I’m not going to tell you how to make it because that’s what the recipe link is for, but I will tell you adventures with it. They’re brief adventures because there is next to no complexities in this recipe. Unless you miraculously cut off a finger because your knife is too sharp, it’s really difficult to mess this up.

For example, I maaaaay have been a little over-zealous with some cayenne pepper (in lieu of chilli flakes) and the paprika, but really, this chicken is good. If you’re turned off by the idea of spinach– don’t be. It wilts away until– really– it’s only there in spirit. Let the cheese and chicken and melted cheese take you away on a journey.

A note, on the cheese– ricotta works perfectly fine, but I think on this occasion, I would recommend sticking with the recipe and working with feta or goats cheese. I think it might make it easier to stuff the chicken? Perhaps don’t take my word with it. Use whatever cheese you want to use. It’s your life.

So, this is my big come-back post. Another reflective recipe post, seasoned with some bragging about this thing that I did (it looked and tasted good, so I’m allowed to be proud). I promise that I’ll try to blog some more in the future, I hope I don’t disappoint!

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